Summer is upon us and if you haven’t bought your wardrobe gems yet, what are you waiting for? This year’s trendy urban fashion trends are bomb. We’ve seen them on the runaways in London, Milan, Paris and New York, as well as on the streets of many multicultural cities. It’s time to get some of those great ideas in your shopping bag. So what makes a really trendy streetwear in 2018?

The Colours

Trendy Urban Fashion Summer Trends 2018 | Origin & Tribe | London
Think vibrant. Orange, magenta, red, green, yellow, white and black. The more saturation, the better. Sounds logical since summer is associated with heat, passion and energy. You can’t go wrong with multi-colour combinations. Making bold statements with your clothing is part of the streetwear culture.

The Patterns
The urban fashion summer trends spoil you for choice of patterns. Like stripes? Go for it! A fan of checked clothing? It’s your lucky season. Asymmetric geometric patterns, flowers and all sorts of other shapes have been seen as top suggestions in Vogue and GQ summer trends list.

The Style


Loose fit is winning. Not only is gives you the casual and relaxed look, it also keeps you cooler during the hot days. If you haven’t been able to get your summer body ready, that’s another reason to upgrade your wardrobe with the current urban fashion trends.

Trendy Urban Fashion Accessories

Trendy Urban Fashion Summer Trends 2018 | Origin & Tribe | London
Streetwear is all about comfort and convenience. Large bags in which you can fit a lot more than just your phone and credit card are a brilliant choice. Don’t mix clothing and accessories patterns. If you are wearing bright colours, pick a black shopping bag or an earthy colour sling. In the opposite case, bring in the summer spirit with vibrant shoes, sunglasses, and a fun-patterned tote bag.

Shop Urban Fashion Summer Trends
African inspired streetwear seems to perfectly fit in the trends frame this season. It’s rich in patterns and full of bright colours. Want to play it safe? Try Origin & Tribe’s Royal Gold Dust collection – casual with a classy touch. It’s also unisex!

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