Here We Were Born And Here We Belong

Origin & Tribe is a registered Fashion Apparel Brand based London. Behind the scenes, Origin & Tribe has been in existence since October 2010. We have been a UK registered Limited Company since September 2017. Yes, we are in the beating heart of London-UK in Europe.

The brand Origin & Tribe covers a wide array of styles, designs and trends in Accessories, Bags, Clothing Footwear and Headwear.

Find our trendy products in Urban Fashion Wears, Streetwear, Unisex Fashion, Men’s and Women’s Clothing. All designed and produced in-house.

We are currently available online and hope to extend our presence from online into shops near you. Our mission is to create brand awareness through sustainable business practices and strategies, to become a globally accepted brand. And we want to achieve this through excellent quality products and exceptional professional customer services.

Original Design Since 2010

CEO and Designer I.Am.Will. Annan-Kobby has been designing and developing brand and product since 2010. We have tested and worked with many factories, individual designers and tailors. Origin & Tribe has finally assembled the ablest, professional, skilled and experienced individuals and factories to translate our designs into wearable fashion statements.

We produce predominately in the continent of Europe and partially in Ghana-West Africa. This is to ensure high quality standards and fair working conditions for everyone in The Tribe. We are committed to being ethical and socially responsible. We do this by working closely with locally trained and very talented young designer seamstresses and tailors. Our plan is to expand this business culture with your help.

Becoming a globally recognised brand with the culture of providing a safe and secure working environment for everyone in The Tribe, whilst we design and produce quality sustainable fashionable products for you.

The tribe is made up of our dedicated workers and you our cherished and most valuable customers around the globe. Indeed, you together with all other stakeholders, make The Tribe. You have always been part of Our Origin. And without you, there wouldn’t be us.

Creating innovative, trendy and sustainable apparel by translating culture, heritage and ethnicity into modern wearable fashion. We aim to bridge the gap not only in generation but also to transcend the imaginary borders drawn between human race. We believe that “here we were born and here we belong”. We don’t believe in cultural appropriation but we believe in cultural appreciation and recognition.

  • Swift response to your every concerns.

  • Balanced work life for our employees.

  • Value for money for you as a customer.

  • Creating equal opportunity in all relevant areas.

  • Personalised services to underpin our pledge to give you a sense of belonging.