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Get the Street Wear Fashion Queen Look this Summer | Origin & Tribe | LondonGet the Street Wear Fashion Queen Look this Summer | Origin & Tribe | LondonGet the Street Wear Fashion Queen Look this Summer | Origin & Tribe | London


Let’s talk Street Wear Fashion, Celebrities and how they influence the urban fashion trends this summer. Specifically, lets talk about urban fashion choice and how you can get that killer Street Queen look in just a couple of clicks.

Love them or hate them, the Kardashian-Jenner clan have been shaping a good portion of the streetwear waves in the past few years. Kendall, Kylie and Kim are constantly photographed wearing the top items for summer 2018 Street Queen look. What are those and how to add them to your wardrobe? All explained in the lines below.

The Crop Top

Been working hard on your abs? Time to show them off. This summer’s must-have item for anyone who loves the urban fashion style is the crop top. Anything from ultra short, revealing underboob designs to just above the belly button tops will set you on the right track to a killer outfit. Match those with a high waist shorts, ripped jeans or joggers. In terms of colours – concentrate on simple cream colours, plain black or black with bright patterns.

The Knee-Length Tights

All inspired by the healthy lifestyle and comfort, the knee-length tights and joggers are really hot this summer. They allow good mobility, show-off the right parts of your body and create the wow effect when combined with a street queen crop top. Bank on dark or nude colours if you like simplicity. And if you are a vibrant soul, play with the bright palette.

The Hoodie

Summer days are hot, but summer nights can get chilly. A true street queen never leaves her hoodie at home. Loose fit is a must and colours… well, we leave that completely at your discretion as we have seen everything on the roads and the fashion podiums this season. Going for the WOW factor? Get the Black Panther inspired LND Kente Secrets hoodie and combine it with the slide-through-pocket joggers.

The Block Heels and White Sneakers

Most important thing about the street wear fashion footwear is being comfortable, cool and completing your outfit in an effortless style. Block heels and white sneakers will do the trick. Choose the hills if you are opting for jeans or shorts. If today is a tracksuit day, go for the sneakers.

The Hair

In terms of hairstyles you have a few options.

  • Long ponytail
  • Messy bun
  • Loose shoulder-length hair

Check out the Urban Fashion Urban Trends for accessories you can add to your Street Queen look.

The Make Up

When it comes to make up, the accent is on the lips. Bold colours from bring pink to dark green – easy to get from Kylie Cosmetics. Top picks for the face and eyes are glowing blends of gold, copper, pink and lilac. You know, Fenty Beauty stuff.

You are all ready. Slay away, Street Queen!

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