Get Your Street Style Outfit From The Streetwear Fashion Brand


Welcome to the home of international fashion. Here you will not only find the inspiration for your next killer outfit.

Here you will find yourself and your deep links with various cultures. This is not a shop for trendy streetwear.

This is a place where you can shop a lifestyle; a streetwear fashion lifestyle.


The African Print Collection

Inspired by the Black Panther movie and capturing the energy of summer vibes, we chose to launch our online store with the African Print collection.

The LND Kente Secrets hoodie is our take on the Wakandan superhero special costume. We brought it to the urban reality with unique touches and specific features representing both the mystic African culture and street fashion.

The colours in the collection are vibrant and bold. They create a feeling of freedom, passion and joy. The styles are mixed with the modern wave of apparel and urban trends.

We put your comfort first! You don’t just look great in the Kente tracksuit; you feel great in it!

Origin & Tribe’s urban fashion is for everyone who resonates with it. If you want to represent the culture or simply feel the vibes, get your new favourite piece of clothing right here. Don’t forget to tag us in all the selfies and dope shots you take. This can earn you a spot on our website in the “Social Media Fan Pick” gallery.


The Royal Gold Dust Collection

Much like in the 19th century people discovered gold mines, we want you to discover the power and charm of international fashion.

Origin & Tribe present the unisex Royal Gold Dust collection to awaken the majesty in you. You are born a king. You are born a queen. We delivered to you the comfort of streetwear,

lavished with a luxury look for the ultimate unique appearance you deserve.


The Gold Dust collection is perfect fit for your summer wardrobe. Whether you are going for a party or you are just roaming the streets, you can do in an effortless style. The very thing

that makes our urban fashion special. Men’s and women’s fashion made so simple, yet so stunning!

Don’t just shop, shop a lifestyle!

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